Managed Services

How to Get Even More out of Your Technology


A strategic, proactive approach tailored to your needs

Managed IT services bring security, stability, predictability, and reliability to your technology environment. It’s about planning your IT and security spending strategically and maintaining your equipment proactively so you can prevent major problems before they occur. All that helps keep your systems working at their best while reducing your business risk.
As your managed services provider (MSP), we take ongoing responsibility for securing, monitoring, and maintaining your IT systems. We can help define and deliver a set of services tuned to your specific business needs. Plus, we can further reduce your security and business risk with layered security measures to protect your network, people, apps, and devices―from email and endpoint protection to firewalls and password management.
We can also offer data backups, software updates, upgrade management, warranty management, user training, and more to keep your team and your technology running smoothly.

How your business benefits from managed services
Managed IT services can include:
  • Remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops, and devices
  • Managed security including passwords, antivirus, web filtering, and email protection
  • Managed storage focusing on data backups and archiving
  • Management of your cloud-based as-a-service software, platforms, and infrastructure
  • Remote, phone, and on-site troubleshooting and support
  • Protection and productivity for staff and customers
  • A proactive approach to IT maintenance, upgrades, and security helps keep your business-critical data and systems up and running―avoiding unexpected and costly breakdowns of the devices and services your team and your customers rely on every day.
  • Freedom to focus on your business, not your IT
With our team managing your IT environment, your staff can put their time and energy into serving your customers and growing your business. With a plan built to fit your business and budget, you can now have greater control over cost. This will allow you to budget with greater confidence and accuracy.
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